Four arrested following assault in Hulhudhoo

Police have made four arrests following an incident where a man was found assaulted in Hulhudhoo, Addu City.

The man was found injured in the Hulhudhoo flat area around 7 pm on Saturday night.

The police revealed the man had received several injuries including head injuries due to being hit on the head with an object. Signs of having been beaten were visible across his body, said the police.

The police on Sunday said four men aged 24, 23, 22 and 26 had been arrested in connection to the case under court order.

No further information was disclosed due to ongoing investigation.

The drug problem and crime rate in Hulhudhoo, which has a population of 3800 has increased in the recent months. While residents of Hulhudhoo have expressed their concern on the matter, the island council has begun efforts to address the issue.