Govt aims to resolve waste management issues in 2020

Environment Minister Dr Hussain Rasheed Hassan has stated that funds will be allocated in next year's budget to facilitate a permanent solution to waste management issues faced by the country.

During Monday's parliament sitting, Dr Hussain was questioned on the governments plans for waste management in islands, and MPs voiced their concern on lack of resources to efficiently manage waste.

Addressing their concerns, Minister Hussain said waste management issues remained unresolved due to lack of investments by the government to tackle the issue.

Minister Hussain said the only way to bring about a permanent solution to waste disposal issues is by establishing landfills with the necessary resources to dispose of waste. Although it is difficult to provide an estimate date by which the necessary resources will be provided to islands, an investment to tackle the issue will be included in next year's budget, said the minister.

Dr. Hussain added that while landfills been established in some islands of the country, they lack equipment necessary to dispose the garbage. Although equipment has been provided to some islands, several of the machinery have become damaged due to lack of use.

"Some of the equipment are damaged due to not being used. We procured wood chippers to use with a three phase electrical system. However, the island does not have the necessary electrical requirements to operate the machine", said the minister.

The minister added that plastic shredders, glass crushers, wood chippers and metal compactors are necessary to effectively manage waste,

"Hopefully we will include the required funds in the 2020 budget, and will commence work to establish landfills in islands that lack one. Funds received as Green Tax will also be utilized for waste management", he said.