Boat carrying onion shipment sinks en route to Maldives

A cargo vessel carrying perishable goods sank on Tuesday while en route to Maldives.

The boat "MSV Ark of God" was traveling back from Tuticorin, India when it sank 100 miles off Maldives.

Coast Guard said they received reports of the incident around 1 pm on Tuesday. Nine crewmen were aboard the vessel at the time of the incident, who were rescued from the water by a vessel en route to Tuticorin from Male' named "MV Progress".

"The boat is currently traveling to Tuticorin, India with the rescued crewmen. An Indian coastguard vessel is assisting", said an MNDF official.

The exact location where the boat sank, and the reason for sinking is currently unclear.

The boat, managed by "Mid Sea Shipping Private Limited" was carrying 1500 sacks of onion of State Trading Organization (STO). STO said the shipment was insured.