JW Marriott opens new resort in Vagaru Island

Vagaru Island of Sh. atoll has been re-branded and officially opened as "JW Marriott".

Previously run as Viceroy Maldives, the re-branded resort is managed by renowned international hotel chain, America's Marriott International as part of their premier luxury brand JW Marriott.

The island features 60 spacious villas, all with private pools has four different category options: Duplex Beach Pool Villas, Duplex Overwater Pool Villas, One-bedroom Beach Pool Villas and Overwater Pool Villas.

The water villas are inspired local nature, specifically by the Heron Birds local to the Maldives. The shape and lines of the thatched roof has a tip that resembles a beak of the bird, and the composition is slightly slanted, to portray the heron bird dipping their head to catch fish in the water.

With five restaurants on the island, the resort offers one of the most impressive culinary offerings in the Maldives. The island has an expansive wine cellar and offers services such as kids club.

Located 55 minutes away from Velana International Airport by seaplane, the island boasts a rich marine life and natural beauty.

One of the world's largest hotel chains, Marriott International has over 422 properties in 60 countries.