Swedish tourist dies after boat capsizes

A Swedish tourist has been killed after a dinghy boat capsized off Kudahuvadhoo island.

MNDF's Chief Spokesperson Major Ibrahim Azim said the authority received reports of a boat carrying six people capsizing around 1622hrs on Sunday evening. Officers from MNDF's Central Area Coastguard Squadron were immediately dispatched to the scene, said Azim.

While four foreigners and two Maldivians were aboard the vessel at the time of the tragic accident, all six people were rescued by Kudahuvadhoo locals who arrived at the scene via jet ski before the coast guard arrived, said Major Azim.

The victims were taken to Kudahuvadhoo hospital for treatment.

Kudahuvadhoo Council said all four foreigners aboard the vessel were tourists staying at a Kudahuvadhoo guest house. The boat overturned while out fishing, said the council. The council cited Kudahuvadhoo Hospital and said the Swedish tourist had already passed away by the time he was brought to the hospital.