Increase in parking violations last week

1382 vehicles were fined for parking violations in Male' city during the last week.

Police statistics show that 655 vehicles were inspected and 1382 vehicles were issued with parking tickets for violations, while 52 vehicles were towed last week.

Compared to the previous week, the number of traffic violations that occured last week had increased. While 557 vehicles were issued with parking tickets that week, the number of vehicles that were towed were also less the previous week.

43 accidents took place in Male' city last week, leaving 12 injured. The number of accidents that occured and the people injured in the accidents are lower compared to the previous week.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had pledged during the presidential campaign that the government would not fine vehicle owners for parking violations before first addressing parking issues faced by the city. The government in January had briefly enforced the president's pledge. However, traffic police resumed issuing parking tickets after a while.