Over 36,000 parking tickets issued in 2019

Maldives Police Service has revealed that over 36000 parking stickers were issued in 2019.

Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed on Friday publicized the statistics of traffic violations and the action taken. According to the numbers, 36,963 parking tickets were issued between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019.

While capital Male' is heavily congested with thousands of vehicles, a viable solution for parking problems in the city has not been reached. However, huge amounts are levied as fees for parking violations.

The public has been expressing concern on the issue, with many complaining that parking tickets should not be issued while the root issue of the problem remains unaddressed. While not a lot has been done to resolve the issue in recent years, hundreds of new vehicles are registered in the city every year. No action has been taken to control the number of vehicles registered in the city.

The government had earlier vowed not to issue parking tickets before resolving parking issues in the city. However, the state continues to receive a large revenue through parking tickets, despite the pledge.