Discussions imminent to address parking issues

Maldives Police Services has said discussions are imminent with the relevant authorities of the government to address the issue of parking and the arduousness of traffic violations.

There had been heavy criticism toward the Police and the government due to issuing parking violation stickers.

With regard to the issue the Police said that they have been working 24 hours to make the roads safe and secure place for everyone and urged everyone to honour the traffic rules and regulations.

The Police said that they have been discussing with the relevant government authorities to address the issue of parking and traffic violations and seeking a viable solution for the matter.

The Police further said that when schools are reopened there will be a colossal change in Male’ traffic and with that their role will also be adjusted, especially in schools’ areas their roles will be greater.

Whereas the issue of parking violation stickers has escalated, the Commissioner of Police has revealed Friday that 36,963 vehicles have been fined for parking violations last year.