Emergency motion filed over lack of medical care available for deco patients

An emergency motion has been submitted to the Parliament on concerns over lack of facilities to medically attend to those who face decompression sickness (DECO) after diving.

The emergency motion was submitted by the Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir. The motion was accepted by the vote of 43 members of the Parliament.

Submitting the emergency motion to the Parliament floor, MP Jabir said while local fishermen are forced to dive deep to catch bait, decompression sickness is a serious and dangerous issue faced by local fishermen.

Jabir noted that several local fishermen have lost their lives or faced paralysis due to not having proper medical care necessary for deco patients available at fishing islands.

Therefore, Jabir requested the representatives of the atolls to debate the serious issue on the Parliament Floor to find a solution to ensure the safety and health of local fisherman, adding that the purpose of the motion was to bring public concern on the matter to the attention of the parliament.

Some tourists who visit Maldives have also faced decompression sickness after diving, with some losing their lives due to lack of necessary medical intervention.

Earlier on Monday, two local fishermen went into decompression sickness following a dive. The two fishermen have now been taken to the only decompression chamber in Maldives located at Bandos Island Resort.