Manta Air commences flights to Kooddoo Domestic Airport

Local airline Manta Air has commenced operation to Ga. Kooddoo.

The airline launched their services to Kooddoo at a special ceremony held at Kooddoo Domestic Airport on Thursday.

The service was inaugurated by the CEO of GA. Kooddoo Domestic Airport and renowned businessman who made large investments in the atoll, Mohamed Ali Janah. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Manta Air, Mohamed Khaleel, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Edward Alsford and other senior officials from the airline were present at the ceremony.

Manta Air will be operating two weekly flights to Kooddoo. The airfare to travel between Velana International Airport and Kooddoo Domestic Airport is set at MVR 829.

Speaking at the ceremony, Chief Guest Janah said the biggest challenge he faced during his first visit to the atoll was the lack of accessible transportation. Kooddoo airport was developed for this reason, he said.

"That is why I developed this airport together with my Singaporean business partner and friend [Leo]. Back then, nobody believed this could become a sustainable airport. However, while Manta has also commenced flights to this airport, the number of daily flights to the airport has increased to seven. I would like to thank Leo for this," said Janah.

Manta Air's CEO Khaleel said the airline wishes to provide quality service to their customers as well as operating a successful business. Airlines must prioritize providing a pleasant services to tourists who visit the country, he said.

"We wish to revolutionise the airline industry. We don't only wish to make a profit off our business. We want to provide a pleasant service to our customers. True, we are a business company. However, what we are trying to achieve is the provision of a good service. For this reason, we have decreased the number of seats on our planes in order to maximise space and comfort", said Khaleel.

COO of Manta Air, Edward said the company commenced commercial flights during February this year, and has come far since they began their services.

"Manta Air has introduced pre-booking services for its customers since it began its services. This has brought a lot of ease to tourists," said Edward.

Kooddoo Domestic Airport becomes the third domestic route Manta Air operates to. The airline currently flies to Dharavandhoo Domestic Airport and Dhaalu Airport.