The Maldives Police Service received 89 cases of drug abuse within the span of a month

The Maldives Police Service had revealed that 89 cases of drug abuse were reported to the force within the span of a month.

Recently, pedestrians under the influence of drugs in Male' City have increased. Various videos exhibiting such behavior have surfaced on social media as well.

Speaking to AVAS on the subject, a police official stated that the cases of drug use presented have increased. The Police had received reports of 89 cases respective to Male', Villimale', and Hulhumale' from November 3 - December 7, the official said.

According to the official statistics publicized by the Police, 165 cases of drug abuse were reported last month - a greater amount compared to the same duration last year. Moreover, in this month so far 99 cases were reported.

The Police have been arresting several individuals under the influence through various drug operations launched around the country.