Designating seats for women is not an injustice

The Election Commission’s (EC) Vice President and Chief Spokesperson of the Commission Ahmed Akram said that it is essential to designate a certain number of seats especially for women, to eliminate the obstacles women face to be politically active.

It has been decided to designate 33% seats for women in the upcoming local council election. This is in respect to the Amendments brought by the Parliament to the Decentralization Act. There is a difference of opinion due to the Amendments and some have been criticizing this decision of Parliament.

Referring to the Amendments Akram said that he does not consider that it is an injustice, designating a certain number of seats for women in the councils.

Since women play a vital role in the economy and even in the development of the islands they share an important role, it is a must to empower women politically. Women have been facing these obstacles in the political field from the very beginning and it is something we should eliminate, said Akram.

The truth is that women are facing these obstacles for years therefore, it is a must to eliminates those obstacles. To eliminates these obstacles, it is essential to designate seats for women in the councils, said Akram.

Akram had spoken about the importance of designating seats for women even before the Parliament made such a decision.

In the upcoming local council election 372 seats are designated for women while a total of 890 councilors will be elected.