'Preparing ahead of time for elections leaves party vulnerable' - Gasim

Leader of Jumhooree Party Gasim Ibrahim has stated that the party has always been caused distress by ruling governments every time they begin working ahead of time to prepare for an upcoming election.

Gasim made the statement while speaking at a function held Tuesday to welcome new members joining the party.

In his remarks, Gasim said while he has spent over 13 years in the political arena, Jumhooree Party has always worked for the benefit of the country and its people. While the party is witnessed to be a strong and active political party, Gasim said the party's enthusiastic efforts are always obstructed for one reason or the other.

Every time the party strengthens itself and gears up for an upcoming election, the existing government at the time always tries to foil their attempts, and are unjust towards the party, said Gasim. The situation has remained the same since 2008, he added.

"We are working sincerely for the sake of our country, people and religion while according to the constitution and laws. While we do this, if we prepare ourselves ahead of time [in the face of an impending election], we face so many backlash and injustice. You would have witnessed this from 2008 until now, and even before that," said Gasim.

Gasim said anyone with a sound mind will agree that the work he is doing is for the sake of the country and its people. His efforts for reform are causing him several struggles and injustices, and if he was to stay away from working towards reform, his family, property and businesses will be safer and more prosperous, he added.

"If a person with a sound mind thinks about this, the person will realise that the work I am doing is for the sake of the citizens of the country, for the people of Maldives. Not just in name, but through my words, actions and deeds, and this is evident. Even if it is a government entity, or a citizen of the country, every Maldivian will clearly know this. It is better and safer for myself, my family and my property to keep silent, and if I did not do this work," said Gasim.

However, the fruits of his labour can be seen even now, said the prominent businessman. Therefore, even though he had to suffer due to his efforts, he wishes to continue his efforts towards reform, said Gasim.

Gasim urged the citizens of the country to think long and hard about the events unfolding in the country, and called on the people to distance themselves from destructive ideologies and focus on being ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the country and its people.

"I am made to suffer, in terms of wealth, and mentally, physically, spirituality, and in addition to that, my wealth, my family, my wives and children are suffering the consequences and facing difficulties. They are being targeted through words and actions and in other forms," he said.

Gasim said the best opportunities are through Jumhooree Party for the upcoming local council election slated for April 2020. Revealing the party is preparing for an early congress, this is a golden opportunity to advance the party politically, said Gasim.

"I urge you not to let go of this opportunity, join JP. There is still time, there is still opportunity," invited Gasim.