Man kidnapped and robbed near SBI

Maldives Police Services is investigating an incident where a customer exiting the State Bank of India (SBI) in capital Male' was kidnapped and robbed.

Police said that they have received reports of such an incident and that the matter is being probed. However, no further details were disclosed.

It has been reported that an expatriate employee of a tourism operating business was kidnapped as he exited the bank after cashing cheques. He was forced into a car and threatened with a sharp object.

The incident took place on Thursday, and MVR 130,000 was snatched in the robbery.

While incidents of robbery and theft have increased in recent days, a van belonging to MIFCO was robbed earlier this year. In the incident, MVR 2 million was stolen while a similar incident has also occurred near SBI in which MVR 2.3 million belonging to BHM Traders was snatched. It remains unknown whether the cash was recovered.