'Snatched' money recovered from victim

MVR 127,000 that was reported to the police as stolen have been recovered from the 'victim' of the robbery.

On December 26, 2019 the police received reports that a large amount of cash was snatched from an expatriate employee of a tourism business operator as he exited the State Bank of India in capital Male' after cashing cheques made out to the company.

While the report of the robbery was made by the 31-year old Bangladeshi 'victim' himself, police said they noticed that the person was giving false information to the police during investigation. Consequently, the man was arrested under a court order last Monday, and US$ 8000 was found in his place of residence upon searching, said the police.

"When we asked him regarding the funds that were 'snatched' from him, he admitted that it was not snatched but that he took the cash, hid it and later exchanged it into United States Dollars. He admitted that he used the remainder of the cash," revealed the police.

The case is being investigated further.