Transport Authority to be “overhauled” very much: Nahula

The Minister of Transport Aishath Nahula said that the Transport Authority is an office that faces several challenges and that there is a need to overhaul the Authority.

The Minister previously has said that most of the employees of the Ministry of Transport are incapable and inefficient and disengaged employees, the quality of their work is low and that they are less productive. The Minister further said that to solve the issue, she will not hesitate to take action against the less productive employees.

Even though the minister faced some criticism on the above, many have praised the minister's courage.

Many note that the Ministry of Transport has to be restructured and improved very much and that the services they provide to the public are slow, and low quality.

Reflecting on last year’s achievements, the minister said that the public has many complaints against the Ministry or the Transport Authority. Noting that it is an extremely challenging Authority, the minister said that Transport Authority has to be “overhauled” very much.

The Minister further said that even with the challenges within the past year, they were able to bring some significant changes and that they were able to work on arranging easy access to the services provided to the public.

Actions will be taken against those employees who are slack in providing services to the public, the Minister has said previously even.
The minister added said that it is not acceptable to see the public being mistreated especially in the Ministry of Transport or any other authority that is under the ministry and actions will be taken against those employees no matter who, as long as she is the Minister.

“…. As the Minister of Transport, I will not tolerate a citizen that approaches us to get our service being mistreated. I will take action against those employees no matter who, as long as I am the Minister. The reason is that I am a servant of the public, and the public is my superiors”, said Nahula.

Nahula said that there is no fear for the employees who act within the rules and regulations. No employee should be treated unjustly and that an unfair action will not be taken against any employee.