Maldives-issued driving licenses now accepted in Malaysia

Driving licenses issued in the Maldives can now be used in Malaysia.

Discussions first began in 2019 to accept Maldives-issued driving licenses in Malaysia. The agreement to accept Maldivian licenses was reached during a meeting between Maldives' Transport Minister Aishat Nahla and Malaysia's Transport Minister Vika Siong on the sidelines of the UN Global Road Safety High-Level Meeting. The official agreement was signed last month, under which A0, B1, and B2 category licenses issued in the Maldives will be accepted by Malaysia.

The Transport Ministry Tuesday said Malaysia began accepting driving licenses issued in the Maldives on September 12. The Maldives High Commission in Malaysia said that a document indicating the validity of a Maldives-issued license would no longer be required to be obtained through the commission. However, the High Commission said it is advisable to carry a copy of the statement issued by Malaysia's Transport Ministry and a general document from the High Commission when using the license.

The Maldives' A0 category licenses can be used to drive motorcycles of 500cc and below and 250cc and below in Malaysia. Cars that weigh less than 3,500 kilograms can be used with the Maldives' B1 and B2 license. This includes automatic cars.

The government had previously said the agreement with Malaysia would provide training opportunities, capacity-building opportunities, and information exchange between the two countries.