Minimum wage to be discussed in cabinet next week: President

President Ibrahim Mohamed Salih has decided to discuss the report on minimum wage in the cabinet meeting to be held next week.

The President said in a tweet on Wednesday that he has received the report prepared by the Pay Commission formed to advise him with regard to employees’ pay. He further stated that the report will be discussed in the cabinet meeting next week.

Deciding a minimum wage for employees in the Maldives is one of the pledges of the President. Deciding the minimum wage is included in the “Agenda 19” prepared by MDP, (the party which the president belongs to) for the parliamentary election. The minimum wage that shall be provided for various sectors is mentioned on the agenda.

The Pay Commission has collected information from the government offices and has surveyed private sector for additional information. The Commission has sent a report prepared by International Labour Organisation (ILO) with their own report.

The Minister of Economic Development Fayyaz Ismail previously said that once the report is discussed in the cabinet, he will submit a bill to the parliament in their first term to decide the minimum wage. The parliament’s first term for the year is scheduled for 3rd February 2020.