Solution needed to enforce traffic regulations: CP

Commissioner of Police (CP) Mohamed Hameed has stated that we need to seek out convenient solutions to enforce road traffic regulations.

CP made these remarks in a tweet he posted regarding last year's statistics on road traffic violations the Police dealt with.

The Commissioner said that a great amount of time is involved in enforcing road traffic regulations, with a great number of officers are committed to the task. He further emphasized that this needed to change.

Hameed revealed that he would be meeting all stakeholders in the coming week in order to hold discussions and find a solution to the issue at hand.

The statistics exhibit over 36,000 parking violations in Male' City last year. Officers patrolled various points within the city everyday to press stickers on the vehicles in question.

Thousands of vehicles congest the Capital. Moreover, numerous vehicle owners have had to pay hefty fines in compensation for parking violations while there has not yet been a sufficient parking system established.

Locals have been airing their concerns in this regard.