Viewing platform work of swimming track implemented

The work of viewing platform of Male’ swimming track is implemented.

The Ministerer of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment Ahmed Mahloof said on Monday that the work of the platform that had delayed several times is now commenced. The Minister said that work was delayed due to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

Since there is no swimming pool to host swimming competitions, the official competitions of Swimming Associations are held at the swimming track.

When the work of the viewing platform was implemented, the land clearing work was started, of the Olympic size swimming pool to be established in the Maldives. The swimming pool will be located in the previous garbage area near the Kulhivaru Ekuveni. The contractor of the work is Rasheed Carpentry.

The swimming pool building will have two floors. The pool will be on the first floor and, on the ground floor, there will be a cafeteria and a gym for swimming exercises.