IFAWPCA Convention: more than 500 businessmen registered

In the International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors’ Associations (IFAWPCA) Convention, more than 500 businessmen from overseas have registered. The convention is to be held in the Maldives this year.

The largest convention of Asia and Pacific countries, IFAWPCA 2020 is to be held on 28th of June 2020. The opportunity to host the convention in the Maldives was received upon electing the Maldivian businessman Mohamed Ali Janah (Janah) as the Association’s 45th President.

Upon getting elected as the president of IFAWPCA, Janah has visit 20 member countries of the Association and met with the businessmen and most senior officials of the business associations’ of the countries. Moreover, he met senior officials of organizations such as ADB and IMF. Furthermore, Janah had inaugurated construction-related Fairs held on those countries.

Recently Janah attended the inauguration ceremony of a Fair of Nepal’s Construction Association. In the meeting, he met with Nepal’s Deputy Prime Minister and senior officials of the largest commercial ventures of Nepal.

The Convention will be held in Crossroads
Until to-date 512 participants have registered from 20 member countries of the Association. In this convention, there will be a conference of investors. In addition, major investors from member countries will join in this convention.

Opportunities for local companies
To join the convention of one of the biggest Associations of the world related to construction IFAWPCA, registration is open for local companies until the end of January 2020.

The convention will be the largest convention of investors that will be held in the Maldives so far. The most senior officials of the companies of IFAWPCA member countries will participate in the gathering. They have been investing in various parts of the world in the field of construction.