HRIM partners with Finland's Meyer to develop ultra-luxury floating villas

The Maldives' Hotels and Resorts Investments (HRIM) has partnered with Finland's Meyer Floating Solutions to develop 13 ultra-luxury floating villas in K. Vilivaru.

HRIM is renowned for operating some of the most lavish resorts in the Maldives, while Meyer Floating Solutions holds a prominent position as the world's leading cruise liner manufacturer.

The villas, which are targeted at the wealthy elite, will cost approximately $200 million -- MVR 3 billion to construct. HRIM and the Mayor are looking to complete the villas by the end of next year.

During the signing ceremony held at Kurumba Maldives today, HRIM's Chairman, Mohamed Ali Janah, revealed that the luxury villas will be developed using cutting-edge technology. Janah said that the European Investment Bank has earmarked funds for this extraordinary project.

"We are also exploring additional locations within the Maldives to develop ultra-luxury villas," Janah added.

As the villas will be marketed internationally, Meyer and HRIM are preparing to hold a special event targeted at affluent individuals who may be interested in purchasing the villas.