Indian, Maldivian doctors held one-day workshop

Delhi, India's All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has held a one-day workshop for doctors.

'Image Guided Therapy' workshop was initiated under 'Continual Medical Education' on the 20th of January by medical specialists of AIIMS Hospital.

This workshop was established under Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's agreement with the Maldives on improving the health sector of the country. The agreement was signed on the Prime Minister's official visit last year.

The Indian Embassy has stated that they will be extending further foreign aid as well, noting that the development and education of individuals in the health sector is of high priority for the country.

Several ways that doctors from the respective countries could collaborate in order to improve the health sector were identified. As such, this included the initiation of additional workshops, making use of tele-medicine facilities, and the training of technicians.

Moreover, in association with AIIMS, medical practitioners from Maldives have decided to ensue a research project as well.