Government authorities incapacitated due to one individual: Munaz

Criticizing Home Minister Imran Abdulla, former Commissioner of Prisons (CP) Abdulla Munaz has stated that several government authorities have been incapacitated due to the actions of one individual.

Munaz was dismissed from his post on the 21st of January, following which he has been posting tweet after tweet exposing prisons issues, and Imran. However, up until his dismissal, he was supportive of the Home Minister.

The MNDF veteran Munaz said that despite the government's desire, they were unable to achieve what's rightfully theirs due to the necessary collaboration with inept ministers. Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed spoke on this matter at a recent assembly.

Referring to the shutdown of LGA, Home Ministry, Juvenile Justice Unit, Maldives Police Service, and Maldives Correctional Service, Munaz said that it occurred due to one individual. That being the head of said authorities; Home Minister Imran Abdulla.

On a tweet he posted Sunday, Munaz accused the Home Minister for his inaction in the efforts to provide health support to convicts. At the time of his dismissal, there had been several complaints of the lack of health support.

Munaz also noted the Home Minister's discouraging attitude towards his proposition to acquire specialists into the Correctional Service. Further, bringing in doctors from state-run Indhira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) as well.