Pres urges to work collaboratively, strengthen measures

A discussion on the precautionary measures of the coronavirus pandemic, held in the cabinet. Moreover, to prevent the pandemic outbreak, the president met and had a conversation with the senior officials of the relevant authorities.

The President’s Office has revealed that in the cabinet meeting the president stated, upon receiving the news of the outbreak in China, the necessary precautionary measures were taken – the first task-force formed has been taking the necessary precautionary measures in advance.

The respective ministers had provided information on the progress of the task-force to the cabinet. Besides, discussions were held extensively on strengthening the precautionary measures further.

In the meeting, the president had urged and shed light on the prominence of the authorities to work in association and had requested the ministers to work collaboratively.

The president had inquired about the measures that are taken until to-date to prevent the outbreak, and what protocols are set-up in case an infected person is detected.

The coronavirus outbreak that is spreading rapidly in China, the relevant authorities of the Maldives have taken precautionary measures. Screening via thermal camera all the passengers that arrive the Maldives, through Velana International Airport and Gan International Airport, an arrangement of safe treatment of suspected cases and people with symptoms, the government has said.