Pres announces loan, health insurance scheme for national athletes

The government has decided to introduce a loan scheme and a health insurance scheme for Maldivian atheletes. President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced the decision while delivering the presidential address at the parliament on Monday.

The president revealed that the government is working to introduce a loan scheme to assist sportspersons/athletes who retire having worked at least five years in national sports teams of any kind. The schemes will help to enhance the livelihood of such players and assist them in developing their capacities to pursue an alternative employment opportunities. The government will also be introducing an insurance scheme to help local athletes with sports-related injuries.

The president also made another joyful announcement in his address - under the policy to develop international athletes, the government will be providing sports scholarships for Maldivian athletes.

The year 2019 was a very successful year for Maldives sports history. The country's athletes won 46 medals counting 13 gold medals competing in international sports events. Additionally, the first-ever gold medal of the Maldives in the South Asian Games was won in the 100 meters running event. The government plans to formulate a substantial urban and infrastructural development plan to prepare for the 2023 Indian Ocean Island Games which will be hosted in the Maldives.