STELCO substation to connect power grids within Greater Male' region

State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) has commenced work to establish a substation in airport island Hulhule' to network the electricity within the Greater Male' region.

The country's main utility company, STELCO stated that this substation is an integral part of the Greater Male' Interconnection Project. While the power grids of Male' and reclaimed suburb Hulhumale' will be connected under the first phase of the project, the establishment of the substation will also allow for Hulhule' to be added to the same grid.

Speaking at a ceremony held to mark the initiation of the project, the company's Managing Director Hassan Mughnee stated that the substation will allow for Hulhule to be powered by both Male' and Hulhumale' in the event that it loses power or any technical difficulties were to arise.

"This project is highly prioritized by the administration, but much of the pending work has been delayed considerably. The project is contracted to Chinese company, Dongfang Electric International Corporation. Currently, most companies from China have temporarily halted work amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Although we may face delays in the work that is being done in China, the work to be completed within the Male' region is being carried out swiftly", said Mughnee.

STELCO revealed that the power grids of Male', Vilingili, Thilafushi and Gulhifalhu will be connected via the project under Hulhumale' Phase 2. Upon its conclusion, the powerhouse in Male' would be utilized solely as backup, STELCO said.

The company has planned to provide electricity to the three islands via the main powerhouse to be established in Hulhumale’ within this year. This powerhouse will be capable of producing electricity between 50 - 100 megawatts, said STELCO.

They further disclosed that while the steel structure of the Male' substation has been completed, the flooring work is currently ongoing. Likewise, the steel structure of the Hulhumale' powerhouse has been completed, with the work to import transformers currently in progress.

Moreover, two 8 megawatt transformers will be set up in the Hulhule' station, along with two 95 megawatt transformers in Male' and Hulhumale'. While cable ducts are being constructed in Hulhumale' Link Road, the procurement of cables is still making headway.