Public satisfied with govt; hopeful for the future: Survey

A survey conducted by the International Republican Institute (IRI)'s Center for Insights in Survey Research (CISR) has revealed that the Maldivian public are satisfied with the outcomes of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's first year of administration, and are hopeful towards the anticipated economic objectives.

The survey, in which over 1000 people participated shows that 56-61% of participants support President Solih's administration. However, it also indicated that the public had certain concerns over political unrest and corruption in the country.

Additionally, while the government has taken several steps against corruption and towards judicial reform, the survey showed the public's optimism towards the direction of the Maldivian economy.

As such, 75% respondents regarded the state of the economy positively at a range from "good" - "excellent", and 63% believed that the economy would improve further during the following year.

Regional Director at Asia for IRI Johanna Kao said that the survey served as proof of public contentment with President Solih's first year of administration.

"However, to better gain the people's trust, President Solih needs to address and resolve their concerns over political unrest and corruption", said Kao.

63% of the respondents stated that there was a considerable positive shift in the effects of corruption whereas 97% regarded it as a persistently pressing concern. However, most believed the biggest issue to be the presence of political unrest.

The survey also highlighted housing, drugs, and unemployment as issues in need of immediate attention.