Maldives' star TT player buys apartment at age 12

At the tender age of 12, nearly all children would be worry-free and are not bothered about life while living under the guardianship of the parents.

However, most Maldivians would know that Fathimath Dheema Adam is an outstanding child. She is a pride to the Maldives who won three gold medals in the Indian Ocean Island Games.

Dheema is, in fact, a role model even to sportspersons who are much experienced and older than her. The medals she won, making the nation proud is mentioned is all the sports-platforms. Even though Dheema is a prominent Table Tennis player, it shows that to be successful in any endeavour - determination, courage, and hard work will reap success.

At the age of 12, she is a house owner

Dheema has shown an example of life achievements outside the sports field as well. The Sports Minister Ahmed Mahloof has said that Dheema has laid the foundation for her future at present.

Minister Mahloof has tweeted stating Dheema's farther has revealed she has purchased an apartment for the salary received as a national team player and the financial rewards that she received from the government for the pride she brought to the nation.

Minister Mahloof said the current government have increased salary paid to the national teams' players, however, Dheema deserves all the praise for thinking ahead at such a tender age. She did not waste the money that she received. Dheema is an exemplar for the sportspersons as well as others, and it will be a lesson for others to learn.