Youth Ministry denounces expressions that hinder national security, peace

Youth Minister has urged registered NGOs and associations not to engage in debates on social media or other platforms that will encourage activities that affect national security and peace of the community.

The Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Community Empowerment is mandated to register and monitor NGOs and Associations, including several functions related to youth and sports. One of the functions of the Ministry is to play a parental role and provide support for NGOs and associations.

A statement issued by Youth Ministry states the Ministry is concerned about some NGOs and associations engaged in debates encouraging actions that hinder national security and peace of the community.

The Ministry always welcomes peaceful public assemblies and activities organised within the law, expressions and discussion on issues, aspects that need reform, said the Ministry in the statement.

“We believe, noting the aspects that need reform and discussing on such issues is a crucial element of a constructive democratic system. However, NGOs and associations that encourage and express actions, assemblies, and organised crimes that are against the law that hinder national security and peace of the community are against the provisions of Freedom of Public Peaceful Assembly Act,” detailed the statement.

Recently, some NGOs and associations registered in the Ministry have been producing reports on controversial religious issues.