Historical parliament documents being digitised

Work has been instigated to digitise and archive old and historical documents of the parliamentary house “People Majlis” of the Maldives.

The Media Director of People’s Majlis, Hassan Ziyau said that there are dozens of historical documents from the very beginning of the parliamentary work until to-date that need to be digitised.

“There are several historical documents from the very beginning of Majlis work in the Maldives. It includes information of the parliamentary members, their attendance, the work being carried out and many other documents,” said Ziyau.

Ziyau said that work is being carried on since last December, and it is anticipated the work will be completed in a month’s time. However, it is difficult to state an exact date due to the large number of documents that need to be digitised.

He said that once the digitisation is concluded, it will be publicized on the Majlis’s website.

The current work of People’s Majlis, such as meeting minutes, bills submitted to the parliament, and committee reports, are regularly publicized on the website.