Council Election: Huge crowd reveals support for pres Yameen, opposition

The Vice President of the previous administration, Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has said that the massive crowd that attended the campaign launching ceremony of the main opposition party, Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM), revealed the support for the former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Qayyoom. He said it showed the extent to which people has acknowledged President Yameen’s honest work.

He further said that the gathering held on Friday night to launch the campaign for the local council election showed that people have said no to three things in addition to accepting Yameen’s work.

One of the things he mentioned was saying no to ridiculing the religion, the second was saying no to corruption and the third was the policy of the former president and speaker of the parliament Mohamed Nasheed.

Dr Jameel was ousted during the reign of jailed president Yameen Abdul Gayyoom. After that he lived in the UK in self-exile, and worked with the then opposition to bring down the administration of President Yameen. However, a few months after the current administration assumed office, Dr Jameel began criticizing the government and re-joined President Yameen.