Hoarafushi Airport to reach completion in September

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has revealed that the airport being developed in Ha. Hoarafushi will reach completion by September.

Managing Director of MTCC, Adam Azim said the project is a highly technical project, and assured that the company has the capacity and resources to carry out such a project.

The construction of Hoarafushi Airport commenced during the tenure of former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom. At the time, it was planned to develop the airport by utilizing land from an uninhabited island next to Hoarafushi, and by dredging part of the island's lagoon. However, the current government amended the project plans to dredge part of Hoarafushi's lagoon instead.

The first aggregate base of the runway out of four is currently being laid at the airport. An area of 842,200.33 cubic meters will be reclaimed for the airport development project. A revetment of 1120 meters will be installed as coastal protection, and a 37,424 square meter runway will be constructed. 8635 meters of land will be used to construct the apron and taxiway, and a service road as well as a fire access road will be developed in the area.

The project agreement was signed between the government and MTCC on March 25, 2019. 52% of the MVR 198 million project has now been completed.