Higher Education Ministry seeks public opinion for Higher Education Bill

Higher Education Ministry has announced for public opinion to the Higher Education Bill.

The ministry said on Monday, the public shall submit their opinions to the bill latest by Wednesday. Opinion can be submitted to particular articles or the whole bill.

The bill which was submitted to the parliament by Mohamed Abdulla Shafeeq is at the debate stage. Once the bill is sent to parliament committee to study, the parliament will also seek public opinion for the bill.

The purpose of the higher education bill is to develop a policy that will enable opportunities for higher education and training for as many people as possible and provide a facilitating environment for the higher education providers. Besides, to provide an enabling environment for those who are interested in the field, to standardize, and for quality assurance of such institutions through an Act.

Higher Education Ministry has said that once the bill becomes an act, it will enable several higher educational opportunities and increase the quality of higher educations provided by the local institutions. Moreover, once the bill is ratified and becomes an act it will help to assure the quality of education provided to the public, further said higher Education Ministry.