Customs HQ closed to grieve death of CG

The head office of Maldives Customs Service remained closed on Wednesday after their Commissioner-General (CG) of Customs, Ahmed Nooman passed away the previous day.

Nooman passed away on Tuesday night while being treated at the intensive care unit of a hospital in Bangalore, India after a kidney transplant operation. According to the reports, Nooman battled the disease for a long period before his demise.

A statement issued by the Customs said its headquarters will be closed on Wednesday to grieve the death of Nooman. The office's flag will be hoisted to half-mast for three days from Wednesday onward.

Nooman was the Chairman of the Gender of Human Rights Committee of the Adhaalath Party and a member of the party’s General Discussions Committee. He also served as the first Chairman of utility company Fenaka Corporation. He also worked in the Housing Ministry and the State Electric Company for a long duration.