HRCM investigates employment terminations amid COVID-19

The Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) is investigating the cases of employees who are being terminated from their jobs amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to COVID-19, the government has declared a public health emergency in the Maldives since March 12. Government and private offices have been closed while the operation of the resorts have been ceased. As a result, some resorts have been terminating their employees.

HRCM in a statement issued on Friday said they have been receiving information about some major companies terminating or sending employees home on no-pay leaves. In that regard, they have studied the cases together with Labour Relations Authority and has brought the issues to the attention of the Tourism Ministry and Economic Ministry.

The statement further said they have received complaints of the cases where some resorts are sending employees home on no-pay leaves for an indefinite period and forcing them to take leaves while simultaneously breaching the employment act.

The Economic Ministry and Labour Relations Authority are also working to mitigate the losses caused to employees and to protect their rights due to the economic downturn and losses incurred by business ventures amid COVID-19 pandemic.