COVID-19: Community transmission confirmed in Narudhoo island

Nine people have tested positive for COVID-19 from Sh. Narudhoo. Authorities have confirmed the cases to be a local transmission of the virus.

Earlier this week, captain of local boat 'Amaaz', tested positive for COVID-19 in Narudhoo island. A person in Milandhoo island who traveled on the same boat also tested positive for the virus.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) on Tuesday said the cases identified in Narudhoo are local transmissions linked to the captain of the boat. All cases in Narudhoo are from the same cluster, said the agency.

A total of 113 contacts linked to the boat have been identified thus far, out of which 35 people are high risk contacts. 11 of the high risk contacts have developed symptoms of COVID-19, including the nine that tested positive for the virus.

This is the first case of community spread outside capital Male' where over 200 people have now been infected with the virus.

Amaaz boat departed from Male' city on April 15 and traveled to several islands on the following day. The boat had stopovers at 13 different islands.

The islands include Maafaru, Henbadhoo, Miladhoo, Kendhikulhudhoo, Velidhoo and Holhudhoo of Noonu atoll, and Narudhoo, Funadhoo, Milandhoo, Feevah and Maaungoodhoo island of Shaviyani atoll. The boat also transited at Ha. Dhidhdhoo and Utheemu.