Suspension of congregational prayers extended until May 28

The Maldives government has extended the suspension of congregational prayers across Maldives for an additional 14 days.

The Islamic Ministry suspended congregational prayers in capital Male' on March 18 as a preventive measure against COVID-19, and extended the suspension to the rest of the country on April 19 after the first case of local transmission was identified.. Islamic Ministry on Thursday said congregational prayers will continue to be suspended until May 28. All worshippers are encouraged to pray at home, said the ministry.

The ministry further encouraged all muslims to engage in the obligatory prayers and continue to perform voluntary acts of worship, and seek solace through worship at the critical time.

Maldives is approaching almost 1000 positive cases of COVID-19, and has recorded four deaths linked to the infection. Authorities have warned that the number of infections could increase within the next two weeks.