More undocumented Bangladeshi workers repatriated

An additional 200 undocumented immigrants in the Maldives were repatriated on Tuesday.

Over 1000 Bangladeshi nationals have been sent back to their country following the COVID-19 pandemic. While some were repatriated on a Bangladeshi military aircraft over two occasions, several were evacuated on a charter flight arranged by the Maldives government and on national carrier 'Maldivian' flights.

The Maldives government said over 63,000 undocumented immigrants are in the Maldives. The government recently began a re-registration program for such individuals, which has now been halted due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Most labour workers in Maldives live in congested quarters. Out of the 1395 positive cases of COVID-19 recorded in the Maldives, almost 700 are Bangladeshi nationals.