MNDF assists vessels in distress

Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) on Saturday assisted two dinghy vessels that were in distress while traveling to Thinadhoo island from GDh. Haudigala.

MNDF said they received reports that two dinghy vessels carrying picnic goers from Haudigala to Thinadhoo were flooding at 1558 hrs. Six passengers were on one vessel 'Randhiye' while the second vessel 'Kuri' carried five people. All 11 people were rescued and transported to Thinadhoo by 1715 hours with the assistance of MNDF's Southern Area Coastguard Squadron, said MNDF. No persons were hurt in the incident.

The weather in Maldives has been unfavourable for the past couple of days and rough seas are being experienced. MNDF has urged all travelers to be cautious when traveling in the current weather conditions.