Housing company to announce Hulhumale' pipeline projects

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) is gearing up to announce several new development projects to be carried out at Phase II of the reclaimed suburb Hulhumale’.

In news a brief held at HDC, the company’s Managing Director Suhail Ahmed said several projects will be announced over the next two months, including a 'Tourism Island' project.

According to HDC, the Tourism Island of Hulhumale’ Phase II will include sea sports facilities, and various categories of guest houses and hotels. HDC has stated that sale of plots of lands will be instigated soon.

“Projects that are planned for the Second Phase and Farukolhufushi will be announced in the upcoming two months. It is crucial to be able to employ many people, given the present condition. Hence, several of these projects, especially construction-related projects, have high scope”, said Suhail.

Responding to a question raised by AVAS, Suhail said a “Tourism School” will be developed in the island Farukolhufushi, which was previously used as a resort has now been declared as part of Hulhumale’ .