Parliament social club to develop shop, restaurant and gym on grounds

The Speaker of Parliament, former President Mohamed Nasheed has announced that a restaurant, shop and a gym will be opened in the terrace of the extension building of the parliament house.

Speaking in the parliamentary sitting held on Wednesday, President Nasheed said a restaurant, shop and a gym will be established in the terrace of the extension building under the initiative of the social club of the parliament.

The members of the social club are the existing parliament members and employees. However, President Nasheed has revealed that work is underway to amend the club rules to accommodate previous members and employees to join the club.

The items that will be sold in the shop will be minutes of the parliament meetings, and books containing acts passed by the parliament. Parliament members can hold meetings with the community of the representing constituency in the restaurant, said President Nasheed.

Nasheed also announced that the parliament members can now work with their employees in designated spaces in the building. Separate cabins have been set up for the committee chairpersons, and he hopes that will make it easier for them to plan daily work of the committees, said President Nasheed. President Nasheed further said the public acknowledges the hard work of parliament members and urged the lawmakers to work harder and perform better than their current output.