Maldives repatriates 200 Bangladeshi nationals

The Maldives has repatriated 200 Bangladeshi illegal immigrants residing in the country.

The national carrier Maldivian said on Saturday, a Maldivian flight with 200 Bangladeshi nationals onboard departed to Dhaka on Saturday. Over a thousand Bangladeshi undocumented immigrants have been repatriated to their nation over the past few months. The work is a joint effort of the Foreign Ministry and Economic Ministry.

Authorities said on a previous occasion that over 60,000 illegal immigrants reside in the Maldives. Most of them are Bangladeshi nationals.

As of Saturday, 2410 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in the Maldives, a large majority of whom are expatriates. 1257 Bangladeshi national tested positive for the virus in the Maldives, out of which four passed away due to the illness. A total of 10 fatalities have been recorded in the Maldives.