COVID-19 testing lab set up at Maafaru airport

A PCR lab has been established at N. Maafaru International Airport to facilitate testing for COVID-19.

The procurement of equipment and set up of the laboratory was contracted to ADK Trade and Shipping by Soneva Hotels. Soneva Hotels operates high-end resort Soneva Jani in the atoll. ADK on Monday said the laboratory has been set up and is ready for operation. The procurement and installation of the equipment required for the laboratory, and set up of the facility were completed in 3- days said ADK.

Maafaru Airport was developed under a US$ 60 million grant extended by the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The airport boasts a 2,200 meter long and 40 meter wide runway that can land the largest aircrafts in the world, Airbus A320 and Boeing 737. Efforts are underway to upgrade the airport as Maafaru International Airport. The airport currently lacks the capacity to land large aircrafts at the airport, the government previously said.