Maaldif Group to launch tourism promotion campaign in Arabic

Work is underway to launch a social media campaign targeted at Arab nations to promote Maldives' tourism. The efforts will be carried out via a dedicated website in Arabic langugage. This is the first time such a campaign being focused on Arab nations.

The Arabic Language is the fourth most widely spoken language across the globe. About 500 million people speak the language. The Arabs have a culture of travelling since the primitive ages.

The campaign is organised by Maaldif Group, an initiative of former Islamic Minister Dr Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed. The Maaldif Group’s marketing campaign website and social media platforms will be launched on Wednesday.

Maaldif Group said the purpose of the initiative is to market Maldives tourism to the Arabs. The aim is to promote the Maldives as a pleasant destination for the Arabs and to help the Maldives economy.

According to Maaldif Group, they will be utilisnig all the social media platforms to market the Maldives to the Arab countries under the campaign, and will use international links of the Arab region. Under the campaign, guest houses, hotels, resorts and various ventures of the Maldives islands will exhibited to Arab followers.

The group says the service will be provided to all the ventures interested in promoting the Maldives to Arab countries, including the Island and Atoll Councils.