JSC suspends High Court's Chief Judge

The Judicial Service Commission, JSC on Wednesday suspended High Court’s Chief Judge Shujau Usman.

According to the judicial watchdog, the commission is investigating allegations of misconduct against the judge. The allegations include an unofficial visit to Ga. Gemanafushi during the 2018 presidential election campaign, during which the judge actively participated in campaigning for a candidate. He is also alleged to have met the family of a suspect detained under a court order, and offering to release the suspect in exchange for their vote for a certain candidate in the presidential election. JSC said while the investigations have now been concluded, the judge has been granted seven days to respond to the allegations.

Disciplinary issues have been raised against Judge Shujau Usman in the past. He has presided over several high profile cases, both in the lower court and in the High Court. He was also among the Criminal Court bench that found former president Mohamed Nasheed guilty of terrorism. Sujau’s 60-day suspension comes while Judge Hassan Ali of the same court resigned from his post earlier on Tuesday amid a judicial probe.