10 local guest houses to be used for transit movements

Tourism Ministry has revealed that ten tourism facilities have been issued permission to be utilized for transit movements.

Although resorts have been permitted to resume operation, local guest houses still remain closed. An announcement issued by the ministry said ten facilities have been permitted to be used as transit facilities according to the published guideline for restating tourism in the Maldives.

In this regard, Unima Grand Hotel, Maagiri Hotel, H78, Crystal Beach Inn and Beehive Hotel in capital Male’ can be used as transit facilities while Season Holidays, Hulhule’ Island Hotel and Noomoo in airport island Hulhule’ can be used for the purpose. Additionally, Macua Maldives Kooddoo in Ga. atoll can also be used as transit hotels, said the ministry.

22 safaris and liveaboards have also been issued permits to resume operation.

The ministry said the hotels that have received the permits must complete all requirements for guest house operation under the new guidelines before providing service.