Over 17,000 families living in dire conditions in capital

Housing Minister Mohamed Aslam has stated that over 17,000 families in capital Male' are living in dire conditions.

The minister attended Monday’s parliament to present a paper on housing projects to be implemented in the Greater Male’ Area. While presenting his paper, the minister said the government has carried out research to assess the condition of housing and availability in Male’ City.

According to the findings, 17,073 families live in homes that are smaller than 600 square feet, which is considered adequate living space.

The minister also questioned the purpose of the ‘Hiyaa’ housing project implemented by the former administration. Aslam noted that while 6,700 council housing flats that are smaller than 600 square feet were built under the project, only 1,300 individuals are in need of such housing.

“Middle-income families are forced to take something they are unhappy with. They get the apartment, but do not live there. They rent out the apartment and live elsewhere”, said Aslam, further noting that no affordable housing projects are being carried out.

The housing projects which are underway are 6,720 flats under the Hiyaa project, and 3,848 flats under housing projects of state owned companies, CMEC’s 1,344 flats and 2,375 flats being developed by private parties. 1,474 lots of land will be issued from reclaimed Gulhifalhu as well as suburbs of Hulhumale', said Aslam. This includes 1,200 plots of land, each measuring 750 square feet being issued from Gulhifalhu for raw house development, and 26 plots of 1,000 square feet from Hulhumale Phase II and 248 plots of 1,000 square feet being sold as raw houses.