COVID-19: 10 new cases from Hoadedhdhoo, tally at 35

10 additional positive cases of COVID-19 have been registered from Hoadedhdhoo island of GDh. atoll. The total number of positive cases in the island is now at 35.

The Health Ministry on Tuesday said the cases were identified through testing following contact tracing. The new cases are of five males and five females, including children.

Two elderly people aged 80 and 64 who tested positive from the island have been transferred to Ga. Villingili COVID Management Facility. It has been reported that the 80 year old man is currently not doing well.

Speaking to AVAS, Deputy Director General at the Health Ministry, Thasleema Usman said all high risk patients who are infected with COVID-19 are being transferred to medical facilities for closer monitoring. Both people transferred from Hoadedhdhoo are also in the high risk category, said Thasleema. No further details were given.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) has launched a special investigation to identify how the infection reached Hoadedhdhoo. While the second-most number of cases in the Maldives have been identified from the island, authorities are undertaking several measures to curb further spread of the virus.