COVID-19: Contacts linked to Manadhoo case identified, quarantined

11 contacts linked to the COVID-19 positive case identified in N. Manadhoo have been quarantined.

A person who completed home quarantine tested positive for COVID-19 when tested prior to his release. However, the person had violated home quarantine rules and attended Friday prayer congregation and other venues of the island during his quarantine period. The island has therefore been placed under HPA monitoring.

Manager of Noonu atoll Hospital located in Manadhoo, Ismail Shafeeq told AVAS that the contact tracing has been completed and that 11 people who had come in contact with the positive case have been quarantined. Shafeeq said the list of contacts has been shared with the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and that the list will be further evaluated by HPA before finalizing it. None of the contacts have exhibited any symptoms of COVID-19, said Shafeeq. While the person who tested positive has not displayed any symptoms either, the biggest concern is that the island is on monitoring status, he added.

“We are getting many calls from surrounding islands from people who wish to travel to Manadhoo for healthcare. There are many unwell people, but as the island is under HPA monitoring, entry and exit has been restricted. This has caused a huge concern. I request HPA to remove the island from monitoring as soon as possible,” said Shafeeq.